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Name:Leigh Pekkanen
Birthdate:Oct 9
"to me, you're all wearing the same mask."

Two of Diamonds, technically, although only because Säde found her
abused, runaway
skittish and uncertain
has a phobia of men around 6 feet or taller
numerous cigarette burn scars, especially on her belly and upper arms

Leigh’s form of prosopagnosia renders her unable to distinguish faces from each other. While she is able to recognize age markers and facial expressions, she cannot distinguish male or female except by other cues such as voice or body. She is able to recognize people by other features such as hair, height and body type, voice, and complexion, but has to memorise them carefully and tends not to memorise everyone’s distinguishing features unless they have given her their name OR they have given her reason to feel they are a threat of some kind to her. This means that she is strongly perceptive about visual cues, especially hostile body language (and I stress the hostile part). However, this also means that she could conceivably be tricked into thinking that one person is another due to similar voices and builds. Assuming the other person has assimilated the first’s cues and movements well, she may well go away from an encounter thinking that one is the other.

Unless the other character has a distinct distinguishing feature or some form of greeting that Leigh can recognize and memorise easily, she will almost always act as if it is the first time she is meeting that character until she has matched all attributes to someone she knows.

Leigh is NOT diagnosed with prosopagnosia currently, and Säde does not know enough about the condition to recognize it except that it’s an interesting medical disability. Any character may be able to recognize the signs in Leigh, but not at their first meeting. Leigh herself does not know of the condition and doesn’t understand why everyone else can recognize each other so easily.

Leigh is now aware of her condition, and while that awareness does not change the condition itself, it has changed the way she views herself for the worse.

PB Lina Leandersson, specifically from Let The Right One In

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